Ground Scape (#364)
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Release date 11 July 2005 (Update)
Members No
Location N/A
Quest No
Unlock hint This track was unlocked automatically.
Duration 03:29
Composer Mod Ian
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Ground Scape is a music track that all new players automatically unlock. It was originally released along with the farming skill and it was played on the log-in screen during the first week of the skill's release. It is one of five music tracks which was created to commemorate the release of certain skills. The other tracks are Scape Summon, Homescape, Scape Hunter and Scape Invention.

The song is an adaptation of what was, at the time, the RuneScape main theme, now known as Scape Original. As a result, it sounds similar not only to Scape Original, but a variety of other theme adaptations such as Scape Santa, Scape Theme, Scape Summon and Scape Main. It is also one of only two adaptations of the main theme that does not begin with "Scape", the other being Homescape.

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