Group PvM is a subcategory of Combat achievements that was released on 18 April 2017.

Achievements in this subcategory

There are 8 achievements in this subcategory.

# Name Members Description RuneScore
Best Offence Yes Defeat the Kalphite King after triggering his Immortality and then defeat him again. 50
Brothers in More Arms Yes Defeat Rise of the Six on six different occasions, leaving a different brother to last. 40
Classic Rock Yes Defeat Vorago without using any defensive abilities. 60
Hungry Hungry Reavers Yes Defeat Nex: Angel of Death without any of the group damaging any of the blood reavers. 75
Matricide Yes Defeat Nex while accompanied by each of the nihil followers. 50
Never Eat Silk Worms Yes Get charged by the Kalphite King to each side of the arena and then defeat him. 40
Next To No Power Yes Defeat Nex without the use of prayers by anyone in the group. 65
Who's Your Daddy? Yes Defeat Vorago whilst holding your pet rock for the whole kill. 50
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