Not to be confused with gatestone.
Group gatestone detail

The group gatestone is an item used in Dungeoneering. Every member in your Dungeoneering party can teleport to this stone (or next to the person carrying it) via the Group gatestone portal in the spawn room or with the Group Gatestone Teleport spell. When a dungeon is started, this item is in the party leader's inventory. If the party leader drops it, it can be picked up by any member of the party.

If the person carrying it casts the Group Gatestone Teleport spell, they will be awarded the "Tele-fail" achievement at the end of the dungeon. The same can be done with a normal Gatestone. Whenever a player carrying the stone dies, the stone will be dropped onto the floor. A Group gatestone only appears at Complexity 5 and above.


  • If you use this item on the Smuggler, he will respond by saying he has no idea what it is.
  • If you get pulled into the lava by Kal'ger The Warmonger and died with the gatestone, you will not be able to teleport to it until it is picked back up again.
  • There is currently a bug in which the group gatestone can disappear sometimes when a party member holds it in their inventory and logs out. Rather than simply dropping on the ground, it is replaced with many random items (i.e. vials, bowstrings, etc.) and teleporting the gatestone results in teleporting to the Smuggler.
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