Guard (Clan Citadels, tier 1) chathead

Citadel guards are found wandering in Clan Citadels. They dress in the colours of the clan whose citadel they occupy. They seem to serve no particular in-game purpose so far, and are unattackable. When talked to, they don't engage in much of a conversation with the player, only saying something with no reply option, sometimes referring to the player as sir or ma'am. Their uniform also seems to upgrade with each tier, since their hoods become metal helms in tier 2.

When talking to them, a guard may occasionally speak an Armadyllian phrase: "Orshan Ugthanki kilasas ma las nojre-quelto. Drezsha andraleme vol-renaj-kiraak ika eeli zesze." The sentence is currently untranslated and is one of two examples of the Armadyllian language. It is unknown if "Ugthanki" refers to the camel of the same name.




  • One of their dialogue options, "If you see any loose chickens about, please let me know." is referring to Avalani's efforts to find out about the portal by throwing chickens inside.
    • When you wear the full chicken costume the guard will say "Aha! Another! C'mere, chicky, I've a wizard paying a bounty per head on you!" If you only wear parts of the chicken costume, not the entire set, the guard will say, "Are you trying to fool me? That's ridiculous!"
    • If you summoned a dreadfowl and talk to the guard the guard will say "You found one! Avalani will want that chicken bac... wait, that's not a chicken! Aaaugh! Get it away!"
  • Another dialogue option "Catch me later, Doc, I'll buy you a beer!" is a reference to the video game Half-Life; security guards in the game will occasionally say this to the player.
  • The guard uniform colour scheme is the same as the clan's colour scheme.
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