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Guardian Angel (Tier 0) was removed from RuneScape after an update, but still exists in-game for those who had obtained it.
Guardian Angel (Tier 0) detail

Guardian Angel (Tier 0) was obtained as a drop from the factions during the Battle of Lumbridge. A player can "Drink" this item and then the next attack they receive during battle will be a single point of damage, if the damage is greater than your combat level. This lasts 5 minutes, and only works on the battlefield.

Upon taking effect, the message "Saradomin's/Zamorak's blessing protects you from an attack, reducing it to a single point." appears in the chatbox.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Saradominist crusaderN/A1Rare
Saradominist field medicN/A1Rare
Saradominist gathererN/A1Rare
Saradominist minelayerN/A1Rare
Saradominist rangerN/A1Rare
Saradominist rogueN/A1Rare
Saradominist sageN/A1Rare
Saradominist sharpshooterN/A1Rare
Zamorakian field medicN/A1Rare
Zamorakian footsoldierN/A1Rare
Zamorakian rogueN/A1Rare
Zamorakian sharpshooterN/A1Rare
Zamorakian sniperN/A1Rare
Zamorakian warlock (Battle of Lumbridge)N/A1Rare
Saradominist championN/A1Uncommon
Zamorakian championN/A1Uncommon
Zamorakian gathererN/A1Uncommon
Zamorakian minelayerN/A1Uncommon
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