Guido Fawkes chathead

Guido Fawkes is a character involved in the Treasure Hunter promotion Celebration of Fire. He explains the event and he tells players about the large bonfire and its benefits, as well as referring to the cleanup of the Summer Beach Party.



  • Guido Fawkes was the name that failed rebel Guy Fawkes adopted while fighting for Catholic Spain.
  • The dialogue "The name's Fawkes, Guido Fawkes, but you can call me Guy." is both a usage of the James Bond introduction and another reference to Guy Fawkes. The ensuing dialogue is a reference to the South Park episode "Canada on Strike".
  • The dialogue "I'm celebrating, so I started a fire!" is a reference to Guy Fawkes Night.
  • The dialogue "Remember remember, nope I've forgotten." is a reference to the Gunpowder Plot rhyme.
  • The examine text first refers to V for Vendetta and then Anonymous. When using an egg on Guido he says "Ah, my dear friend Evey loved these in the morning," another reference to the movie.
  • He has the same model as Ivan Strom wearing a revolutionary mask and hat.
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