Guthatrice egg detail

A guthatrice egg is a special egg used in Summoning. To obtain a Guthatrice egg, players must obtain a green bird's egg from a bird's nest (which can fall from a tree when Woodcutting, be collected from the Managing Miscellania activity, or obtained by trading mole claws and mole skin at Falador park) or from looting a spirit impling and use the spirit cobra's special ability, Ophidian Incubation, on the egg.

Summoning a spirit cobra requires 63 Summoning. At 43 Summoning, a guthatrice egg can be used as an ingredient in a spirit guthatrice pouch. To make a spirit guthatrice pouch, players must take the egg, a pouch, a green charm, and 88 spirit shards to a Summoning obelisk.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Spirit implingN/A1Rare


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