Guthix raptor
Guthix raptor pet
Guthix chick Guthix bird Guthix raptor
Release date 15 January 2008 (Update)
Members Yes
Race Bird
Source Bird's nest
Interface No
70 Summoning
Food Chick: Ground fishing bait
Bird and adult: Fishing bait
Colour variations 1
Examine Chick: A fluffy chick.
Bird: Lovely green plumage.
Raptor: An impressive Guthix raptor.

The Guthix raptor, a level 70 Summoning pet, is one of the three God birds. It can be hatched from a green bird's egg, and has three stages of growth: Chick, Bird, and Raptor. Unlike the other two god birds, it will not provide any protection in the God Wars Dungeon. Players can understand the Guthix raptor at 80 Summoning.

Bird's eggs can be obtained from bird's nests, which are dropped from trees while Woodcutting or obtained from Managing Miscellania. To hatch an egg, place it in a pet shop incubator (found in Yanille or Taverley), and then wait for an hour or two before retrieving your chick (time spent offline doesn't count).

Every two minutes, your pet's growth will increase by 0.5% (unless it's already a raptor) and its hunger will increase by 5.25% for chicks, 4.75% for birds and 4.1667% for raptors. Chicks must be fed Ground fishing bait while birds and raptors eat normal Fishing bait. It will take about six hours and forty minutes for a 0% chick to mature into a bird and further six hours and forty minutes for the bird to reach adulthood.

Having reached adulthood, the raptor may be placed in the menagerie of a player-owned house.

Chick Bird Raptor
Guthix chick chathead
Guthix bird chathead
Guthix raptor chathead
Guthix chick pet
Guthix bird pet
Guthix raptor pet



  • With the release of the menagerie on 18 August 2009, it is possible to have all three god birds at the same time. It used to be impossible to raise more than one god bird at a time; before this update, using another coloured egg with the incubator whilst having a Guthix raptor results in a message: "You already have that kind of that pet, you cannot have another."
  • The examine info may be an allusion to the Monty Python "Dead Parrot" sketch, where the shopkeeper says that the bird has "lovely plumage."
  • The chick's dialogue "Are you my mummy/daddy?" is a reference to imprinting, where young animals bind themselves to the first thing they see after birth.
  • Although called raptors, the term raptor applies to all birds of prey except the owls.
  • Unlike the other birds, the Raptor will not take offense if the player is wearing items that are associated with a different god than the god they represent.
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