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Guthixian Cache
Guthixian cache.png
Release date 27 October 2014 (Update)
Area Energy rifts
Members Yes
Frequency Daily
Reset Hard
Skills Divination
Currency Unknown edit
This repeatable content has a hard reset.
The next period's content will become available immediately, regardless of whether a player has logged out.

Guthixian Cache is a Divination-themed Distraction and Diversion. There are no skill requirements for this Distraction and Diversion, but more points can be acquired at certain level thresholds.

Guthixian Cache requires the player to hop into an energy rift, found at any of the wisp colonies (except the pale wisp and cursed wisp colonies) which appear for 10 minutes hourly, to collect memories of Guthix. While it appears every hour, the extra benefits for Divination only occur once every 3 hours. It can also be entered via The Archivist in the Hall of Memories.

The fastest way to get to an open energy rift is by using a ring of duelling to teleport to the Mobilising Armies area and running north. The second fastest method is teleporting to Falador via the lodestone and then running east.

Time until start22 minutes
Time until boosts start22 minutes


When the cache is ready, all capable colonies will have their rifts widen, and the rocks that usually hover above the green vortexes shall disappear, and these whirl become glowing portals. At that point it's possible to jump inside the crater to reach the Cache.

Arriving there, players will find themselves in a large ancient room, full of roots laying over walls that hide some kind of old-fashioned machinery behind. A large doorway is blocked, with roots and debris. At the very centre of the room a raging and turbulent vortex swirls the green energy of the Anima Mundi. Within many shelves in the walls, are bottles of different sizes, from tiny to large, containing the precious memories of Guthix. The same way Divination is practised around Gielinor, those memories must be thrown into the rifts to ease the damage the soul of the world has suffered after the assassination of Guthix and its following events.

Around the room, Automatons scan the area, in order to protect the memories of the Lord of Balance, and to prevent any intruders from taking them away. Despite the memories needing to be taken to heal the wounds of the world, these creatures do not understand that, and tackle the player if carrying the bottles, considering them invaders. To subdue them and freely offer the memories into the unstable rift, players must assume the form of Cres, the deceased overseer of automatons, one of the Guardians of Guthix and the only one capable of disarming his former subordinates.

The Guthixian Cache opens every hour on the hour, and lasts for 10 minutes.


A player as Cres

To subdue automatons, players can select the "Transform" option available by clicking one of the four Statues of Cres located in the four corners of the room. Players will then assume the Power of Cres which transforms the player into Cres and grants the ability to temporarily subdue NPC automatons. There are three types of automatons that can be subdued. (The required levels can be boosted.)

The cache always contains eight ancient automatons and two confused and enraged automatons.

Automaton Points Divination
Ancient automaton 1 1
Confused automaton 2 45
Enraged automaton 3 85

Players can only stay transformed for 60 seconds until the Power of Cres fades or if they click on the statue again. Once players return to their normal state, they must wait another 60 seconds before assuming power from a Statue of Cres again.

If players log out or hop worlds, and reenter before the cache ends, they will remain in the arena but Cres cooldown will reset and will be forced to wait another 60 seconds. Accumulated points will be kept, but the automaton and converted memory count will reset, possibly lengthening the time before power ups can be used.


An automaton found in the cache

To earn points for converting memories, players must first grab a memory from any of the deposits on the walls. The player must have both hands free to be able to carry memories, and may only carry one memory at a time. Once the player has a memory, they must run to the centre of the cache and deposit the memory into the unstable rift without being attacked by an active automaton. If a player runs into an active automaton during their journey to the centre of the room, the automaton will swipe the memory out of the player's hands, causing the jar to smash to the ground.

If the player deposits the memory just as an automaton is about to swipe the memory from them, the memory will not be lost and points will be gained. Players should not attempt to Surge next to an automaton, since the jar is likely to be smashed in the process.

There are four types of memories that can be converted. The required levels can be boosted.

Memory Points Divination Other Requirements
Tiny memory 1 1
Raw memory 2 45
Large memory 3 85
Ancient memory 4 92 Children of Mah

Once a memory has been picked up, the player cannot drop or un-equip it; it can only be lost from either being attacked by an automaton, converting it, changing into Cres, or if that cache ends.


The interface that displays the progress for the player

The interface that displays the progress for the player as Cres

There are two abilities for each form. Double points charges are not shared between forms.

  • Human
    • Double points: All points acquired by depositing memories are doubled for 24 seconds. 1 charge is gained for every 5 memories converted.
    • Immunity: The player is protected from automatons destroying their memory for 12 seconds. 1 charge is gained for every 10 memories converted.
  • Cres
    • Double points: All points acquired by subduing automatons are doubled for 12 seconds. 1 charge is gained for every 10 automatons subdued. If double points was activated right as the Cres form expires, the timer will pause and resume after becoming Cres again, but all automatons subdued will not reward double points until the next time a charge is used.
    • Subdue all automatons: All current active automatons are subdued at once. 1 charge is gained for every 20 automatons subdued.


For players who prefer to convert, it is possible to use the Surge ability to move faster between the unstable rift and memory deposits. If the player has access to the Invention skill, consider augmenting a piece of body or leg armour (weapons are not suitable due to needing empty hands for the minigame) and add the Mobile perk to it. It costs no energy to use, and cuts Surge / Escape's cooldown by half.

Bladed Dive can be used in conjunction with Surge, allowing players to quickly move to and from the memory and rift at breakneck speeds. Note that Bladed Dive requires dual-wielded melee weapons, so Surge to the rift and Bladed Dive back to the memory and repeat.

Being in a stream of other players helps evade active automatons as they can only target one player at a time, reducing the chances of being attacked compared to running alone.

If there are not many other players during a cache, it is usually faster points to subdue as many automatons as possible rather than converting memories. This could also be considered if there is an abundance of active automatons. Try to change forms in turns with other players to maximise the points of subduing automatons.

The double points ability is best utilised in human form by carrying a memory to the rift, activating the ability immediately before depositing, then running back, allowing players to get 2 memories per ability activation (with the Mobile perk, 3 memories per activation are possible). In Cres' form, it is best used when an Enraged automaton is about to reactivate and there are no other players nearby.


Rewards include Divination experience, three temporary passive benefits, and an outfit.


The experience reward is given according to level and the amount of points obtained during the cache. The game can be played as many times as desired however the maximum points earned in a day is capped at 200 and the points in one cache is capped at 100. The daily cap of 200 points can be reset with a D&D token (daily) allowing the player to get another 200 points. Players can determine how much experience they will earn by hovering the cursor over the points.

Experience per point
Skill level Experience Skill level Experience Skill level Experience
1 33 34 92 67 323
2 34 35 95 68 329
3 35 36 97 69 334
4 36 37 100 70 358
5 36 38 103 71 368
6 37 39 105 72 377
7 38 40 142 73 386
8 39 41 144 74 395
9 40 42 147 75 404
10 50 43 150 76 412
11 51 44 153 77 420
12 52 45 156 78 428
13 53 46 158 79 435
14 54 47 161 80 461
15 55 48 163 81 470
16 56 49 166 82 477
17 57 50 208 83 482
18 58 51 213 84 484
19 58 52 219 85 509
20 67 53 225 86 519
21 68 54 230 87 527
22 69 55 236 88 533
23 70 56 241 89 536
24 71 57 246 90 566
25 73 58 251 91 579
26 74 59 256 92 589
27 75 60 278 93 595
28 76 61 285 94 599
29 77 62 291 95 679
30 81 63 298 96 700
31 84 64 305 97 716
32 86 65 311 98 728
33 90 66 317 99 734


  • 10% chance for double loot from divine locations, at no extra cost to the player's gathering limit. Upon occurring, you get the message: You received double loot, as you recently completed a Guthix cache!
  • 10% chance to save a charge from a sign of the porter. Upon occurring, you get the message: As you completed a Guthixian cache recently, your sign of the porter did not lose a charge.
  • 10% chance to convert all memories at once while training Divination, this can happen with both enhanced experience and normal experience options, and still consumes the normal amount of energy for enhanced. Upon occurring, you get a unique animation.

These last for minutes, up to a maximum of 20 minutes. The timer for these will continue to deplete when logged out and will appear as this icon: Guthix cache boosts status icon.png

Players with the Stored Power perk from Memorial to Guthix will instead receive a Guthixian cache boost when completing a Guthixian cache with 100 points. This allows the player to use the boost later at their convenience, rather than immediately upon exiting the cache.

If you lack inventory space, you will not get bonus loot: You would have received double loot due to recently completing a Guthixian Cache. However, you did not have enough space.

Diviner's outfit

If the player doesn't own the full diviner's outfit set, there is a chance they will receive a part they don't own upon completing a cache (including ironmen). The chance of receiving a piece is 0.5% per point that the player scores within the cache (50% at 100 points, 40% at 80 points, etc.). Pieces can only be obtained if the player receives experience from the cache.[1]


  • If a player logs out of the game without ever leaving the cache, and relogs when the next cache appears, their points get reset to 0, and the previous points gained last game will not count.
  • The soundtrack that plays within the cache is Invaders Must Die II, but it is not unlocked for players who have not unlocked it previously.
  • Trying to open World Map while in Cache results in the following message: The Guthixian Caches are hidden, and therefore do not exist on the map.
  • Guthixian Cache used to appear every 3 hours. It was changed to appear hourly on 19 September 2016, with the 3-hour limit remaining for rewards.