Guthixian High Druid chathead

The Guthixian High Druid leads the mourning at the shrine in Guthix's Cave. This shrine was erected by the druids of Taverley after Guthix was slain by the Mahjarrat Sliske at the end of the Fifth Age. The high druid can be found right next to a Guthixian altar in front of Guthix's petrified corpse.

Azzanadra's Gift, Juna's Gift and Zilyana's Gift may be freely retrieved from him when lost, and one may also choose to switch to another piece. In addition, he can activate or deactivate the the World Guardian title, but one needs to have the full requirements of The World Wakes to do so.

After completing Fate of the Gods, speak to him to add the option to teleport to the World Gate to the Sixth-Age circuit.


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