Gwir chathead

Gwir Meilyr is an elven scribe of the Meilyr Clan working in Lletya, who is currently trying to chronicle the elves' recent history. Located on the ground floor of the building that contains the altar to Seren, players can talk to her about their adventures in the Elf quest series (Plague City, Biohazard, Underground Pass, Regicide, Roving Elves, Mourning's End Part I, Mourning's End Part II, Within the Light and Plague's End). Afterwards, players can speak to her to remind them of key events in these quests. Gwir provides the rewards for the medium Tirannwn Tasks.



  • Gwir is a Welsh word meaning truth.
  • Also, according to the Middle-Earth related text The Lost Road and Other Writings, a compilation of J.R.R. Tolkien's unpublished (but still often relevant) writings of the Lord of the Rings universe, Gwir was an alternate (and the original) name for Vairë, one of the Valar, beings highly revered by the elves. Vairë was noted as being associated with time and most notably would record the tales of Middle-Earth in her "storied webs", i.e. tapestries, mirroring how Gwir records the history of Tirannwn in her writings: Tolkien was often noted as using Welsh in his writings in names and RuneScape often references Tolkien.
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