Gypsy Aris' Reward Shop
Gypsy Aris Tent
Release date 23 March 2015 (Update)
Members Yes
Minimap icon None
Location Varrock Square
Owner Gypsy Aris
Specialty Dimension of Disaster rewards
Gypsy Aris location

Gypsy Aris' Reward Shop is a shop run by Gypsy Aris that sells upgrades, items, and cosmetic overrides. It is located in the south-west corner of Varrock Square.

Players must have finished all subquests of Dimension of Disaster to access this store. It only accepts silver pennies as payment, which are rewarded upon first completion and subsequent replays of the quest.



Type Cost Description
Darklight upgrade 5 pennies Boosts Darklight's damage and accuracy to 2.5x[1] against demonic creatures. (Can also be used to smash gargoyles if you have the 'quicker killing blows' Slayer ability.[2])
Sani & Zaff upgrade 2 pennies Add coal to Sani's Orefully Affordable Store and spider silk to Zaff's Superior Spellcasting in New Varrock.
These ingredients are needed to craft or smith level 20 armour.
Agrith Naar shortcut 1 penny Unlock the option to skip Agrith Naar boss fight when replaying Demon Slayer.
Zemouregal shortcut 1 penny Unlock the option to skip the Zemouregal boss fight when replaying Curse of Arrav.
XP lamp 5 pennies This item can only be bought once per week.[3] The lamp received is scaled to the highest New Varrock Task set complete (small for easy, medium for medium, large for hard and huge for elite)
  1. ^ Mod Rowley. "Darklight analysis." 24 March 2015. Recent Game Updates Forums.
  2. ^ This is not actually a requirement, and the upgraded Darklight can be used to smash gargoyles without this ability unlocked. Also, if you have unlocked quicker finishing blow with Slayer points and have a rock hammer in tool belt or inventory, this upgrade is not required for automatically finishing gargoyles,
  3. ^ This resets on Wednesdays at 00:00 UTC.


Item Cost Description
Swords of Light pack 3 pennies Cosmetic overrides to make main-hand and off-hand melee weapons look like Silverlight, dyed Silverlight, or Darklight.
Arrav's sword 1 penny Cosmetic override to Arrav's sword. He wields it in one hand, but it's a two-handed sword when you wield it.
Shield of Arrav 1 penny Cosmetic override to make your shield look like the Shield of Arrav.
Necrofelinomicon 1 penny Cosmetic override to make magic off-hand weapons look like the Necrofelinomicon. Warning: This is not a toy. Do not raise cats from the dead with it. You have been warned.
Arrav outfit 2 pennies Cosmetic override of Arrav's helm, heart, trousers and boots.
Cultist outfit 3 pennies Cosmetic override of the New Varrock black robes. Counts as EEEVIL black clothing in replays of Demon Slayer.
Zombie outfit 5 pennies Cosmetic override of the New Varrock zombie outfit. Works as a disguise in replays of Defender of Varrock.
Tiny Zemouregal pet 5 pennies A bobblehead pet of Zemouregal.
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