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Merchant Walton, also known as H.A.M. agent Walton, is a human found in the cave goblin city of Dorgesh-Kaan. He is one of few humans in the city, selling "exotic" food to the cave goblins.

During The Chosen Commander, it is discovered that Walton is a member of H.A.M. all along and was undercover poisoning several young Cave goblins. Players and Captain Undak investigate the poisoned goblins, and upon confronting Walton about it, he attacks the player, with bits of dialogue interspersed in the fight. Eventually he will put on a protection prayer of the style you are using, but Zanik will appear behind him and attack him with Ranged attack.

After being defeated, he is taken before the council and it is decided that they will hand him over to the Misthalin authorities for them to deal with him. However, he is killed whilst being escorted to Lumbridge by Zanik while she is influenced by Bandos' pendant, causing her to be sentenced to exile.

Walton was presumably sent by Sigmund, as many other H.A.M agents can be found at his base.

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Zanik snipes Walton!
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