This article is about the base north of Ardougne. For the one found west of Lumbridge, see H.A.M. hideout.

The H.A.M base is a base belonging to the H.A.M. group. It becomes accessible to players during The Chosen Commander quest. Milton the Miller guards the trapdoor entrance from the mill to the base. The player must recite the secret password to him in order to pass.

In the quest, the player investigates the base and finds Grubfoot sitting in a cell. When the player helped him escape, Zanik attacked the base with an army of goblins. In the aftermath, the base starts to collapse but Zanik and the player escaped by using a Dorgesh-kaan sphere. After the quest there is no way the base can be rebuilt or accessed.

There are multiple ways to quickly reach the base. Using a skills necklace, the player can teleport to the Fishing Guild and the base is a short walk away. Alternatively, the Ardougne lodestone will also teleport the player fairly close to the entrance.


H.A.M base map

Map Legend

The base also houses H.A.M. guard (crazy) and H.A.M. guard (Chosen Commander).

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