HRH Hrafn

HRH Hrafn is the royal pet to King Gjuki Sorvott IV of Jatizso. During the Fremennik Isles, the player has to give this cat some raw tuna to be able to speak to the king. It appears that King Gjuki Sorvott IV spoils HRH Hrafn.


  • The "HRH" in his name stands for "His Royal Highness".
  • "Hrafn" is the Icelandic and Old Norse word for "raven"
  • King Gjuki often appears to be afraid of HRH Hrafn during the quests.
  • He is a very pesky cat, this being shown while wearing the amulet of catspeak while you are talking to the king. He will say things such as 'for heaven's sake! One would think that the human rules this place!' After this happens, you will have to get the raw tuna to be able to carry on your conversation with the king.
  • His chathead and appearance suggests that he is a lazy cat.
  • If you give him noted tuna he will say: "Whats the meaning of this, serf? How is one supposed to eat a piece of paper?"
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