This article is about the Conquest unit. For the two handed weapon, see halberd.
Release date 25 August 2010 (Update)
Movement 4
Damage 200
Health 200
Range 2
Cost 75
Description Halberdiers are highly effective when deployed correctly; with their long reach, they can halt an enemy advance before they come in on your troops.
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Halberdiers are one of the units in the minigame Conquest. The only melee troop with a range of more than one, halberdiers are great all round troops, only for 75 command points each. With health and attack both at 200, these make good defence, helped by their ability to hit over a square, as well as offence, being invulnerable to unboosted scouts and archers while not getting any retaliation which, along with a defensive command like Shield Wall or Stoicism can help hold out for a while. However, a group of halberdiers can be cut to pieces by a well prepared mage or knight formation, so when deploying these one must watch out for stronger units. These are one of the possible ways of containing a heavily boosted champion employed by a "Devastation" attack (see Conquest/Strategies).


  • Halberdiers are based entirely on the concept of the halberd in the game. His halberd appears to be made of steel.
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