Hall of Memories
Hall of Memories
Release date 11 June 2018 (Update)
Kingdom N/A
Members Yes
Main music Hall of Memories
Levels 1
Strongest monster No
Dwarf multicannon allowed No
Quests taking place here No
Inhabitants Automatons
Hall of Memories map

Hall of Memories is a Divination training dungeon located below the Memorial to Guthix, revolving around the late god Guthix and his memories. The many automatons that performed their tasks have since been deactivated due to a lack of maintenance, resulting in no one capable of returning the anima to the planet.

Level 70 Divination is required to enter. Players can access the dungeon by teleporting to the Memorial of Guthix with memory strands, Sixth-Age circuit or with charged engrams.

Upon first entry, The Archivist will hand the player two memory jars (one empty, one full) and a memory-storage bot, and will inform players what to do in the dungeon.

Completing the five memory-specific bots is a requirement for the completionist cape. Learning about the five different core memories is a requirement for the master quest cape. Completing 50 backup memory-storage bots after having completed the memory-specific ones is a Divination achievement which will reward the title, [Name] the Archivist, upon completion.

You can use divination potions to gain access to the next bot if you don't already have the level.

Memory jars

A memory jar must be in the player's inventory to harvest from memories within the Hall. Empty jars can be acquired from the jar depot to the east.

Memories will swirl around generators, pillars and automatons, occasionally changing their position. Faded memories are also affected by this, but do not stray as far as the other memories, only staying within the vicinity of the bud.

Full jars can be handed in at the unstable rift in the northern part of the dungeon to gain chunks of Divination experience.

Memory type Experience Divination Level required
Faded memories 12 70
Lustrous memories 16 70
Brilliant memories 18 80
Radiant memories 20 85
Luminous memories 22 90
Incandescent memories 24 95
Core memory playback 24 70

Experience rates

At level 85 Divination using decorated divination urns, full diviner's outfit, and a clan avatar, 130,000 experience an hour can be expected.

At level 99 Divination using decorated divination urns, full elder divination outfit, and a clan avatar, 250,000 experience an hour can be expected. This can be further increased to over 300,000 experience an hour by re-clicking the memories immediately after an experience drop, allowing the player to collect memories and fill jars at a faster rate.[1]

Memory-storage bots

Upon entry to the Hall, a memory-storage bot (Aagi) is given and can be charged while harvesting memories of a specific type. When fully charged, they can be handed in to the Archivist to unlock permanent boosts, along with a memory from Guthix addressing the player. The bots are handed to the player in a specific order and unlock the permanent passive boosts in the following order:

Storage bot Level Memory required Passive effect
Memory-storage bot (Aagi) Aagi 70 Lustrous memories Extra passive effect from the Memorial to Guthix fountain of energy
Memory-storage bot (Seren) Seren 80 Brilliant memories Increased memory strand gain whilst in the Hall of Memories
Memory-storage bot (Juna) Juna 85 Radiant memories Able to create three divine locations per day
Memory-storage bot (Edicts) Edicts 90 Luminous memories Increased memory gain when harvesting from faded memories
Memory-storage bot (Cres) Cres 95 Incandescent memories Increased energy gain when converting memories

Boosts may be used to make the Archivist give you bots that require a higher Divination level than the player currently has.

After completing the five bots above, players will start getting non-memory specific memory-storage bots, which require 50 memories of each type. When handed in, these award 10,000 Divination experience.

Recollection butterfly

Recollection butterflies roam around the Hall of Memories, granting nearby players the blessing of recollection. The blessing lasts 60 seconds and gives a chance to acquire memory shards while harvesting memories within the Hall of Memories.

Core memory fragment

Core memory fragments can randomly spawn within the Hall. They behave similar to chronicle fragments, flying around the area and can be captured by anyone. Once captured, they should be placed on an empty plinth in the northern section of the Halls for some Divination experience.

When all six plinths are filled, the bud in the centre of the Hall opens and shows a random memory which can be harvested or inspected. The memory is the same for every player on the world and is visible to everyone.

Interacting with each core memory is a master quest cape requirement. The core memories can also be accessed by fully charging the named memory-storage bots and right-clicking the Archivist to read the memories.

Core memory fill rate

Rates do not scale depending on divination level.

Core type Divination Level required Experience Fill rate % per tick Lifetime on core Ticks if not 2 ticking Fill rate / XP Ticks if 2 ticking Fill rate / XP
Cres 70 24 3.8% 2:30 83.3 3 jars + 16% on 4th jar / 975 XP 125 4 jars + 75% on 5th jar / 3,250 XP
Sword 70 24 2.9% 2:30 83.3 2 jars + 42% on 3rd jar / 975 XP 125 3 jars + 63% on 4th jar / 3,250 XP
Juna 70 24 2.3% 2:30 83.3 1 jar + 92% on 2nd jar / 975 XP 125 2 jars + 88% on 3rd jar / 3,250 XP
Seren 70 24 1.8% 2:30 83.3 1 jar + 50% on 2nd jar / 975 XP 125 2 jars + 25% on 3rd jar / 3,250 XP
Aagi 70 24 1.4% 2:30 83.3 1 jar + 17% on 2nd jar / 975 XP 125 1 jar + 75% on 2nd jar / 3,250 XP

Energy memory fill rate

Energy type Divination Level required Experience Fill rate % per tick Lifetime on energy type Ticks if not 2 ticking Fill rate / XP Ticks if
2 ticking
Fill rate
Faded memories 70 12 1% or 2% Random N/A N/A N/A N/A
Lustrous memories 70 16 1.4% 24 seconds 13.3 18.62% of a jar / 480 XP 20 28% of a jar
Brilliant memories 80 18 1.8% 24 seconds 13.3 23.94% of a jar / 540 XP 20 36% of a jar
Radiant memories 85 20 2.3% 24 seconds 13.3 30.59% of a jar / 600 XP 20 46% of a jar
Luminous memories 90 22 2.9% 24 seconds 13.3 38.57% of a jar / 660 XP 20 58% of a jar
Incandescent memories 95 24 3.8% 24 seconds 13.3 50.54% of a jar / 720 XP 20 76% of a jar

Faded memories fill rate % per tick is either 1% or 2% if you have completed the Edicts memory bot.

Knowledge overflow

Occasionally the screen may shake and knowledge fragments spring up from the ground near the bud. Catching a knowledge fragment grants the player Divination experience. Unlike chronicle fragments, knowledge fragments are immediately converted into experience and do not produce an item when caught.




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