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For the modern-day term, see Burgh de Rott Woods.

Hallowglade was a term formerly applied to the wooded region west of what used to be Hallowvale's capital, now Meiyerditch. The term has since fallen from use, and today the area is largely uninhabited and thus has no common name. The term itself is only used in Armies of Gielinor, a Funorb strategy game created by Jagex.

Hallowglade was discovered in the mid-Second Age, when the Icyene and human races established Hallowvale near the border of the Eastern Sea. The nation's capital was a densely-crowded city that thrived on commerce and agriculture.

During the Third Age Fall of Hallowvale, Hallowglade was razed to the ground the vampyre forces of Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan. Any survivors were brought to what was now Meiyerditch, in the Sanguinesti Region, as prisoners and sources of blood tithes. During the Morytania Campaign, the Barrows Brothers ultimately met their deaths near Hallowglade, where the Barrows now stand. Hallowglade has since seen very little activity. The woods are now mostly swamps, occupied by stray vampyre operating near the Sanguinesti Region's borders.

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