This article is about the historical region. For the quest, see Darkness of Hallowvale.
Morytania map

A map of Hallowvale in the current day.

Hallowvale[1][2] is an ancient name referring to the region that would later be renamed Morytania. It was was ruled by a Saradominist race from New Domina known as the Icyene from as early as the Second Age of Gielinor, and eclipsed to the Vampyres during the Third Age, after which it was renamed Morytania. The kingdom was heavily wooded but arable, containing forests such as Humblethorn and Hallowglade. The capital was the large city that is currently known as Meiyerditch.


Eight centuries and score into the history of our land there came a darkness which fell about the land once called Hallowvale. The Queen of that sad time, an Icyene of once formidable power, became to be deposed by ‘his-dark-self’ and his hordes. Against all of her considerable will she was forced to kneel and attend ‘his-dark-self’ in order that she might save her loving husband Ascertes.

Queen Efaritay, ruler of Hallowvale prior to Lord Drakan's invasion.

Commander Zilyana

Commander Zilyana, an Icyene.

Hallowvale was founded some time in the Second Age. It encompassed much of what is now south-eastern Morytania, with a small portion of the north-western side, containing the fortress of Kharyrll, falling under the control of the Empty Lord Zaros. For much of its history, it was ruled by the Icyene Queen Efaritay Hallow, and as a result most of the inhabitants of the land were Saradominist. The kingdom is suspected to have been named after the legendary queen.[3]

The end of Hallowvale came about around during the God Wars - around eight centures after its founding - when Lord Drakan and his fellow vampyres invaded the region with the assistance of Zamorak. He captured Efaritay's husband Ascertes, and forced the Queen to surrender and attend him so that he may be saved. He then converted Hallowvale's cities into ghettos, where humans were farmed for their blood, and subjugated the northern parts to Blood tithes. By the modern day, due to the influence of the Vampyres, the formerly wooded region has become a large swamp, and renamed Morytania.


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