Hallvar chathead

Hallvar can be found wandering the small rocky outcrop in the Mining Dungeon below Jatizso. He is enclosed in a small area which contains 3 Adamantite rocks and 2 Mithril rocks. The Dungeon offers one of the greatest collections of Mithril and Adamantite rocks in the game, and Hallvar can help by converting ores to notes.

Inside the dungeon, Hallvar is located at the south east corner, a short distance east of the stairs, on the other side of a chasm. In order to reach him, players have to cross a slippery log. He can only be accessed by players who are wearing Fremennik sea boots 4, without wearing the boots players will get the message "You'll need some special boots to cross that log.".

A right click "cert-ore" option on Hallvar quickly turns all the ores in your inventory into notes. Alternatively, a player can go through a short, slightly humorous conversation, after which Hallvar exchanges your ores for "paper".



  • While you need to wear Fremennik sea boots 4 to cross the log towards Hallvar, players do not need to wear the boots to leave the area.
  • Hallvar appears to be wearing Fremennik sea boots 4, which would suggest he is quite a skilled adventurer himself.
  • In RuneScape Classic, they called notes "certificates" and he calls notes certificates as if he's in RuneScape Classic.
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