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Hammer detail

A hammer is a tool that players use primarily for Smithing and Construction. It is used in many quests, like Dragon Slayer, In Aid of the Myreque, Animal Magnetism and The Great Brain Robbery. It can be placed in the tool belt, so carrying one in the inventory is unnecessary unless if it needs to be handed over.

Hammers can be found upstairs in the Faladian forge and in a crate in the Lumbridge furnace. They can also be obtained from a tool store 1 in a player-owned house workshop.

A hammer is one of the base ingredients for creating a hammer-tron, the augmented version of the hammer.

Store locations

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Seller Location Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Al Kharid General StoreAl Kharid13Coins 5Coins 10No
Arhein's StoreCatherby13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Bandit Duty FreeBandit Camp (Wilderness)13Coins 5Coins 50No
Bedabin Village BarteringBedabin Camp13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Bolkoy's Village ShopTree Gnome Village13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Crafting SuppliesPrifddinas13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Dal's General Ogre SuppliesGu'Tanoth13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Drogo's Mining EmporiumDwarven Mines13Coins 5Coins 10No
Dwarven Shopping StoreDwarven Mine13Coins 5Coins 10No
Edgeville General StoreEdgeville13Coins 5Coins 10No
Falador General StoreFalador13Coins 5Coins 10No
General Store (Canifis)Canifis13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Gift ShopOo'glog13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Goods of MenaphosMenaphos13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Gunslik's Assorted ItemsKeldagrim13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Ifaba's General StoreNext to the scimitar stall on Ape Atoll. East of the fenced-in banana grove.13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Jiminua's Jungle StoreKaramja13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Karamja General StoreMusa Point (Karamja)13Coins 5Coins 10No
Khazard General StorePort Khazard13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
The Lighthouse StoreLighthouse13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Lletya General StoreLletya13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Lumbridge General StoreLumbridgeFree sample-1No
Martin Steelweaver's Smithing Supplies ShopTaverley13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Miscellanian General StoreMiscellania and Etceteria Dungeon13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Moon Clan General StoreLunar Isle13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Nardah General StoreNardah13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Neitiznot SuppliesNeitiznot13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
New Varrock General StoreNew Varrock13Zemomark10Yes
Obli's General StoreShilo Village (location)13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Port Phasmatys General StorePort Phasmatys13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Razmire General StoreMort'ton13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Rimmington General StoreRimmington13Coins 5Coins 10No
Shantay Pass ShopShantay Pass13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Sigmund the MerchantRellekka13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Smithing Smith's ShopMos Le'Harmless13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Trader Stan's Trading PostCatherby, Brimhaven, Musa Point, Oo'glog, Port Khazard, Port Phasmatys, Mos Le'Harmless, Port Tyras13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Trader's GoodsDarkmeyer13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Varrock General StoreVarrock13Coins 5Coins 10No
Void Knight General StoreVoid Knights' Outpost13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
West Ardougne General StoreWest Ardougne13Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Zanaris General StoreZanaris13Coins 5Coins 10Yes

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Baby implingN/A1Common
Bandit looter421Common
Black Guard42; 471Common
Dorgesh-Kaan Average ChestN/A1Common
Rockslug42; 491Common
Skeleton looter421Common
Dwarf9; 14; 39; 441Uncommon
Guard18; 25; 351Uncommon


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  • Using a hammer with logs brings up the message, "It doesn't look like this is quite right..."
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