Hamper detail

A hamper is an item obtainable from the Lumbridge Cook once per day after completing the hard Lumbridge and Draynor Tasks and receiving an Explorer's Ring 4. The Cook offers the hamper when his Talk-to option is used. The Cook will not offer a hamper to a player who already has one in inventory. Since the hamper cannot be dropped or banked, a player can only have one at a time.

The hamper contains between four and twelve food items, randomly selected from the list below. It is important to note that, no matter how many pieces of food are in the hamper, an attacking Ghast will rot it all, leaving a single piece of rotten food in its place. Possible food items include (the hamper will contain zero to six of each):

Name Healing per (LP) GE price per
Plain pizza 2x350 = 700 1,075
Swordfish 1400 139
Lobster 1200 128
Tuna 750 35

When right-clicking it, you can check, open, or empty. "Check" shows what remains in the hamper. "Open" opens a dialogue with a list of the types of food items that remain in the hamper (without showing how many of each); clicking on an item in the list places one of this type of food into inventory. (If only one type of food remains in the hamper, one of these will appear in inventory without requiring the dialogue; this is useful in situations such as combat where the additional click is easily interrupted.) "Empty" places all the remaining food into inventory.

If the Empty option is used, the Hamper disappears (if there is enough space in inventory for all of the remaining food). If the last food item is a pizza and is removed with the Open option, the Hamper disappears. However, if the last food item is anything other than a pizza, and it is removed with the Open option, the empty Hamper will remain in inventory. If the Check option is used on the now-empty hamper, it will disappear and the message "You discard the empty hamper." is received.

When full, the hamper holds food with a total of 2,400 to 10,200 life points of healing in one inventory slot, which is useful in certain situations. This is the most life points of healing that can be held in one inventory slot in free-to-play.

Like other daily rewards received from completion of a set of Tasks for a given area, this resets at 00:00 (UTC).


  • If an empty hamper is examined in inventory, the examine text remains "A hamper full of cooked food."
  • If any item in inventory is used on the Hamper, the message "You can't put that in the container." is received. If the Hamper is used on another item, the usual "Nothing interesting happens." message is received.
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