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A hangover cure is made by adding chocolate dust, obtained by grinding chocolate down with a Pestle and mortar or a knife, to a bucket of milk, and then mixing in snape grass to the chocolatey milk. Hangover cure is used during the Plague City quest, in which the player must give one to Bravek, city warder of West Ardougne, found in the Civic Office of West Ardougne. Players may then obtain a warrant from him which will allow the player to enter the "plague-house" in the south-east corner of the city.

A hangover cure is also given to Skippy, a washed-up fisherman on the coast of Rimmington, in the mogre miniquest. Once cured, he will explain the "creature" he saw in the water, which eventually turns out to be a mogre. This miniquest is required for players to kill mogres as Slayer monsters.


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  • Player-owned house servant Rick claims to have also made a hangover cure for Bravek in West Ardrougne.
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