For the hybrid equipment set, see High Armour of Hanto.

Hanto is an island in the The Skull region of the Wushanko Isles. As the tyrannical khan has closed the isle's borders to all trade, smuggling is understandably prolific. As with all isles in the region, Hanto is a source of gunpowder. Rock-clinging Sea Lizards are found here, and sea monsters can be found in the nearby lagoon.

Hanto sent several sellswords and Yukimura, a Hanto high commander, to assist the Acolytes of Seiryu.


  • In A Feat of Seamanship the player may send a ship to sail into the Empty Lagoon near Hanto. A feat few have accomplished and survived.
  • In A Daring Raid the player sends a ship to raid a gunpowder factory belonging to the tyrannical khan of Hanto.
  • In Explore the Seas the player sends a ship to explore wrecked ships on the coasts of Hanto. They warn their captain to beware the rock-clinging sea lizards native to the area.
  • In Supply and Demand the player sends a ship to trade with a smuggler, hiding in Hanto, for a good stock of gunpowder.
  • In Gangplanks and Cannons the player sends a ship to board a smuggler's ship and claim his supplies of stolen gunpowder, as he flees from Hanto.
  • In The Forgotten Scrolls the player sends a ship when they learn the Exile has tracked down a lost piece of a forgotten scroll to some abandoned smuggler caves on Hanto. Her spelunking skills will be needed to retrieve it.
  • In A Bank Heist the player sends a ship after they learn the Convict knows of a safe in Hanto that is full of gunpowder. Help him break into it.
  • In A Joint Acquisition the player sends a ship after the Missionary and Occultist have felt a magical disturbance near Hanto. This magical energy can be used to uncover a source of gunpowder.
  • In A Joint Acquisition the player sends a ship after the Convict has planned a gunpowder heist on Hanto. He's tricked the Tengu into providing a distraction.


  • "Hanto" (半島) means "peninsula" in Japanese.
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