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Harmonised rocks are a special type of Mining rock that can appear in Prifddinas while the Voice of Seren is active in the Trahaearn Clan district. While the Voice of Seren is active, mining nodes have a random chance of becoming harmonised, with a darker colour and a blue glow effect similar to a placed Measure. Harmonised rocks are similar to concentrated mining rocks seen in the Living Rock Caverns - players have a chance of mining two ores at once as well as a chance to obtain corrupted ore along with the regular ore. Additionally, harmonised rocks can be mined continuously as long as the harmonisation effect is active. No gems are obtained from harmonised rocks through normal mining, although a gem-finding scrimshaw can be used. The mining experience and tool experience gained per ore from harmonised rocks is the same as the corresponding standard rocks. No additional experience is gained when corrupted ore is obtained from the rocks. The Superheat Form prayer does work on the ores mined from harmonised rocks (as long as coal is available), as well as on the corrupted ore gained from them.

The harmonisation effect lasts a random amount of time from less than a minute to upwards of 45 minutes, with no apparent limit. The effect can last even after the Voice of Seren has changed away from the Trahaearn district, up to 5 minutes after the change, although the rocks will no longer have the 20% base experience boost and will no longer grant corrupted ore after the Voice of Seren has changed.

Only specific rocks can become harmonised (half of the rocks of each type; i.e. out of the 2 runite rocks, only 1 can become harmonised (the west one), and out of the 8 adamantite rocks, only 4 certain ones can become harmonised). In addition, depleted rocks cannot become harmonised. Harmonised rocks are specific to each world. Since runite takes a very long time to respawn once mined, and there is only 1 runite rock per world that can harmonise, players looking for runite ore during the Trahaearn Voice of Seren are advised not to mine the west runite rock since this will prevent it from harmonising, but instead search worlds for a harmonised runite rock and only mine the east runite rock along the way.

Lady Trahaearn will announce when a harmonised rock has appeared. Harmonised rocks emit blue circular pulses.


  • For a while after the city was released, harmonised rocks did not appear due to a bug. This has been fixed.
  • After the augmented pickaxe update, harmonised rocks would no longer yield corrupted ore if a sign of the porter was equipped. This was fixed several days later.
  • Prior to the augmented pickaxe update, harmonised rocks gave a distinct message when two ores were mined at once, (i.e. "You manage to mine two runite ores!"), similar to mining concentrated rocks, but this is no longer the case. Although harmonised rocks can still grant two ores at once, the message shown in the chatbox is the same as for mining a single ore.