Harmony pillar
Harmony pillar
Release date 10 November 2014 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest No
Location Prifddinas
Examine You can plant harmony moss seeds here.
Harmony pillar farmer location

The harmony pillars are a feature that is found in the Meilyr Clan district of Prifddinas. There are 4 pillars, used to grow harmony moss at level 75 Farming. It is possible to boost your Farming level to be able to plant moss seeds and to harvest the harmony moss.

Each pillar is randomly attuned to a skill. If the pillar has weeds around it, the player must rake the weeds to learn which skill that pillar is attuned to. The skill attuned to each pillar will change on first log in each day until a harmony moss seed is planted, and will change after harvesting harmony moss. It is not possible for one skill to be attuned to more than one pillar. The harmony moss can't become diseased or die once planted, and the scroll of life has a chance of saving the seed upon harvesting.

The moss planted on the pillars grows in 4 stages, according to the experience gain in the skill the pillar is attuned to. Each growth stage requires 50,000 experience, for a total of 200,000 experience gain in that skill. If a player wishes to retune a pillar, they can do so at the cost of 10 vis wax; this can only be done once per pillar per day, and will tune the pillar to a random skill. The newly retuned pillar will lose all growth progress (regardless of current growth stage), the seed will be removed, and the player will have to plant a new seed. The harmony pillar's growth progress can be monitored using the amulet of nature. When a harmony pillar is done growing, the player will be notified in the chatbox with the following message:

Your harmony pillar attuned to <Skill> is now ready for harvest.

A single burst of experience will only ever count towards 1 growth stage. For example, completing a large floor in Dungeoneering and earning more than 50,000 experience will only move the pillar onto the next stage. Players can advance pillars attuned to skills they have 200 million experience in.

Only base experience gain counts towards moss growth. Bonus experience (including experience boosting outfits and brawlers), and reward experience from lamps, daily challenges, quests and minigames do not count.

Harvesting from a pillar gives between 1-8 stackable and tradeable moss. This amount has a 25% chance of being doubled while under the effects of a perfect juju farming potion. Wearing a Tirannwn quiver 3 or 4 will also grant more moss when harvesting.

The moss is usable with juju potions to make perfect juju potions.

Harmony moss
Stage Description Image
1 The moss has just been planted. Harmony moss1
2 The moss is up to the first band on the pillar. Harmony moss2
3 The moss is just above the first band on the pillar. Harmony moss3
4 Harmony moss4
5 The moss is fully grown and ready to harvest. Harmony moss5


  • Just like other farming patches, Harmony pillars act as a soil source for filling plant pots.
  • Experience earned while playing as a F2P player will earn progress towards harmony pillars that are planted. The same completion notification shows up when the moss is done growing.
  • The only lamps that affect pillars are smouldering lamps and hydra lamps.
  • Planting a seed on a pillar attuned to Farming will have the experience counted towards advancing a stage.
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