For the items made during The Fremennik Trials, see Lyre and Enchanted lyre.
Release date 10 November 2014 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest No
Location Ithell Clan district, Prifddinas
Examine Play the harp to gather harmonic dust.
Harp location

Harmonium harps are located in the Ithell Clan district of Prifddinas. There are four harps surrounding the Ithell statue in the building located in the south-west corner of the district.

Playing the harps requires a minimum crafting level of 75 and yields 80 Crafting experience and 1 harmonic dust for each successful note. A harp must be tuned periodically to continue producing dust. Higher crafting levels increase the chance for successful notes. Tuning a harp grants 50 construction experience for every 10% the harp is out of tune. Similar to mining the Seren Stone, this is largely a low-attention-required activity and requires few clicks to continue playing the harp.

The Artisan's and Constructor's outfits can be worn to boost XP gained by playing and tuning harps, respectively, as well as the God chisels.

The harp becomes progressively out of tune as the player plays it, causing less frequent successful notes at every 10% interval. After the harp becomes entirely out of tune, the player is forced to stop playing entirely. There are chat indicators for every 10% the harp is out of tune. This is also shown by a swirl of black particles. If the game chat is filtered, then the indicators will show at 20%, 50%, 80% and 100%.

At level 99 Crafting, a player can get about 700 harmonic dust an hour (which equals 56,000 experience an hour).

When the Voice of Seren is active in the Ithell district, harps are less likely to go out of tune, and yield an additional 20% Crafting experience per successful note and 20% additional Construction experience for tuning.

A hidden update in August 2017 made it possible to get Gemi and Baby Yaga's House from harps.


  • There is a bug/glitch where if a dwarf multicannon is placed and as soon as the player picks it up while tuning the harp, they will still be at the harps, while any followers will follow them to wherever they go up to a certain extent.[clarification needed]
  • When playing a harp, the player plays the harp part of the Elven Rose music track.
  • If the player is paying close attention, when the harp goes out of tune, the music played from the harp sounds slightly different. (A few notes sound off-key and clunky). If a player has a good ear for music, they can use this to their advantage, so they do not have to watch their game screen the entire time.
  • If the player repeatedly clicks the harp to play it, it will get out of tune faster than normal.
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