Harpoon (class 5) detail

The harpoon (class 5) is made during the Stealing Creation minigame. It is made by using class 5 sacred clay on a creation kiln. it its used to gather sacred clay from pools more efficiently. the harpoon requires level 80 Fishing to wield and level 80 Crafting to make. This is the best harpoon currently available to make inside the Stealing Creation minigame, it is the most used by high levels or Skillers and is generally rare to find deposited as only a handful of the most skilled players can make these. Players tend to turn class 5 clay into arrows or runes because these are stackable and so require no trip to deposit every inventory. As such, to obtain one of these harpoons, it is recommended that you trade with another teammate or make one yourself.

This harpoon is generally only used for class 5 pools, as using it for a lower levelled pool would be counter-productive. The only time it should be used for a lower levelled pool is if all of the class 5 ones are depleted.

This harpoon is only available to members, like all other sacred clay items and only available within the Stealing Creation minigame.

Combat Stats
RequirementsHarpoon (class 5) equipped
80 Fishing
Attack MeleeMain hand slot
Fast (3.0s)
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses
Table of harpoons
IconClassLevel to useLevel to make
Harpoon (class 1)Class 11 FishingFishing1 CraftingCrafting
Harpoon (class 2)Class 220 FishingFishing20 CraftingCrafting
Harpoon (class 3)Class 340 FishingFishing40 CraftingCrafting
Harpoon (class 4)Class 460 FishingFishing60 CraftingCrafting
Harpoon (class 5)Class 580 FishingFishing80 CraftingCrafting
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