Hartwin chathead

Hartwin Prim is a Varrock scout who works for Captain Rovin. He can be found in Rovin's room on the 2nd3rd floor[UK] of the NW tower of Varrock Palace. He helps you search for the zombies in the quest Defender of Varrock. After the quest, he can transport you to the trapdoor leading down to the Chaos Temple Dungeon.

Hartwin can also be found walking from the Wilderness Wall straight north into the Wilderness right above the Grand Exchange, presumably on a "scouting mission" for Captain Rovin. He disappears upon reaching level 5 wilderness. Sometimes Hartwin may be found randomly standing in the Grand Exchange. If you try to interact with him he says something along the lines of "Can't you see I'm rather busy, you should speak to my superior Captain Rovin."

During the Battle of Lumbridge, he could be found wandering the crater. He still only referred the player to Captain Rovin.


  • Although the quest is P2P, if a F2P player inspects a rock or a bush in the Wilderness he'll receive the message: "You fail to find anything; you should find Hartwin before continuing."
  • If you have a pet with you Hartwin tells you to "put your animal away."
  • His chathead shows him wearing a hood and a mask over his mouth, but he appears to be wearing thick balaclava-like headwear.
  • According to the Varrock Census, he was a student in the year 160.
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