The Hatchet (Class 5) is made during the Stealing Creation minigame. It is made by using Sacred Clay (class 5) on a Creation kiln. It is the most efficient way to gather clay from trees. These are commonly used by higher level players because they require level 80 Woodcutting to use and level 80 Smithing to make. It has the same stats as Sacred clay hatchet.

Table of all the classes of Hatchets available
Icon Class Level to wield/use Level to make
File:Axe class 1.png Class 1 level 1 Woodcutting level 1 Smithing
File:Axe class 2.png Class 2 level 20 Woodcutting level 20 Smithing
File:Lvl 3 hatchet.PNG Class 3 level 40 Woodcutting level 40 Smithing
File:Axe class 4.png Class 4 level 60 Woodcutting level 60 Smithing
File:Volatile hatchet.png Class 5 level 80 Woodcutting level 80 Smithing

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