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All RuneScape Head banners used in 2010 can be found here.

Island Assault

Head image default

Note: While the Dungeoneering head banner was used on the front page (after the Dungeoneering release), Island Assault was still used on the rest of the website. On 17 June, the Island Assault banner was replaced by a smaller version of the Dungeoneering banner on the rest of the website.


Dungeoneering headbanner - Dungeons of Daemonheim

The Void Stares Back

Void Knights Part 3 head banner

Christmas 2010 - O Little Town of Daemonheim

2010 Christmas Mainpage banner

Wilderness and Free Trade Petition

Wildy Petition Banner

  • Occasion: A petition to return Free Trade and the ability to fight other players in the Wilderness again.
  • Scene: A skeleton can be seen lying on the right with a big yellow vote button in the middle.

Wilderness and Free Trade Referendum

Wildy Referendum Banner

  • Occasion: The petition has been acknowledged with over one million votes so it was time for the next phase. The referendum required you to log in, unlike the petiton and you could also vote "No" or "Don't mind" instead of just "Yes".
  • Scene: A counter displaying how many votes have been cast with a yellow vote button to the right of it.

Wilderness and Free Trade Referendum Results

Wildy Referendum Results Banner

  • Occasion: The referendum has been closed and over 97% of the players voted yes to bring back the Wilderness and free trade. Jagex announced it will return on 1 February, 2011.
  • Scene: The same red background as in the previous two Wilderness and Free Trade banners, with a big yellow button in the middle to view te results.