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| [[19 March]] [[2016]]
| [[19 March]] [[2016]]
| {{sc|Defense}} [[Defense]]
| {{sc|Defence}} [[Defence]]
| {{sc|Construction}} [[Construction]]<br />{{sc|Mining}} [[Mining]]
| {{sc|Construction}} [[Construction]]<br />{{sc|Mining}} [[Mining]]

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This article documents a current event.
Details may change rapidly as the event progresses, and the last updates to this page may not reflect the most current information.

Heart of Gielinor: Encampment is a 5-day community event that was released on 17 March 2016. In it players help prepare the entrance to the upcoming dungeon, The Heart, in an event similar to The Lost Sword. Players may train adventurers who wish to venture into The Heart or help create statues of the dungeon's participants. After the entrance is prepared on the fifth day, players use their Divination skills to clear the portal entrance to the dungeon. There is no Divination level requirement.

The event involves different skills everyday, including at least one combat skill and one non-combat skill. As with The Lost Sword event, players need golden or basic tools to participate in Heart of Gielinor: Encampment. 100 basic tools are received upon login each day. Golden tools can be won from Treasure Hunter. Packs of 30 or 100 tools can be purchased with 5,000 or 12,000 Loyalty Points each, respectively. A maximum of ten packs of each type can be bought with Loyalty Points.

Skills featured

Day Combat skill(s) Non-combat skill(s)
17 March 2016 Attack Attack Farming Farming
18 March 2016 Summoning Summoning
Ranged Ranged
Construction Construction
19 March 2016 Defence Defence Construction Construction
Mining Mining

The experience gained varied with skill levels. The following table gives the experience values per action at level 99 when using basic tools. Five actions could be performed with one set of tools.

Skill Experience
Attack Attack 118.8
Construction Construction 80
Farming Farming 94.5
Ranged Ranged 118.8
Summoning Summoning 96.4


Rewards depend on both community and personal progress and include the following.

  • Energised arm cannons (main- and off-hand), similar to those of Vorago, are unlocked at 10% personal and community progress.
  • Small mystery boxes are rewarded at 20% and 40% personal and community progress
  • Level 70 variants of Energised arm cannons (main- and off-hand) are unlocked at 30% personal and community progress.
  • Cosmetic override variants of the arm cannons are unlocked at 50% personal and community progress.
  • Medium mystery boxes are rewarded at 60% and 80% personal and community progress
  • An emote that enhances the arm cannons is unlocked at 70% personal and community progress.
  • Level 75 variants of Energised arm cannons (main- and off-hand) are unlocked at 90% personal and community progress.
  • Large mystery boxes are rewarded at 100% personal and community progress.


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