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|name = Heavy-Handed Harry
|name = Heavy-Handed Harry
|image = [[File:Heavy-Handed Harry.png|150px]]
|image = [[File:Heavy-Handed Harry.png|150px]]

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Heavy-Handed Harry chathead

Heavy-Handed Harry is the head guard of the Rock Island Prison, and is involved in the Rocking Out quest. He is so convinced of the security and inescapability of his prison that he knowingly puts prisoners in a cell with a large hole in its back-wall, which allows them to escape regularly. The player escapes from that cell at least three times during the quest and it is implied that Izzy No-Beard escaped the same way on a previous occasion.

It is implied during the quest that he suffers from some kind of delusional illness (probably megalomania) and has to be medicated to be kept controlled.

Outside of cutscenes during the quest he appears as a regular Customs Officer.

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