Witch chathead

Helda is a witch who lives in the northwestern corner of the ground1st floor[UK] of Draynor Manor. She has a pet cat named Maemi, and previously had a cottage made out of bread, cookies and cake, but moved in after attackable sisters kept being killed, claiming that nobody would want to kill a chatty old dear like her. Apparently, she used to fatten up little kids and shove them into her oven. However, she has since been to "anger management classes".

She and her cat only appear after completion of Ernest the Chicken, and when talked to, she complains about people poisoning her fish, spilling her compost, and causing a nuisance for the dear old count downstairs. She is also involved in the Animal Magnetism quest, and tells you how to make a bar magnet and selects an iron bar that will be extra suitable for making into a magnet



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