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Hellion aura detail

The hellion aura is an aura provided to 2018 Premier Club members which grants the following benefits when activated:

  • 10% experience boost for an hour (Ironmen are not affected)
  • Free reclaim from Death upon death once (during a period of an hour)
  • 10% advanced pulse core boost for 10 minutes
  • The ability to recharge one other aura once per day

Effectively, the Hellion aura provides a 20% experience boost for the first 10 minutes (because a pulse core wave granting 10% of XP for 10 minutes), then a 10% boost for the remaining 50 minutes.

The hellion aura cooldown recharges immediately at reset, without needing to log out, even if the aura is still active. Players may use the hellion aura to reset other auras even if it is on cooldown. To reset an aura using the hellion aura, speak to Xuan, Dilwyn, or Wafa and choose the "aura reset" option.

This aura cannot be used to recharge the festive aura and Hellion Aura itself.

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