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For other heralds, see Herald (disambiguation).

Herald of Falador chathead.png

The Herald of Falador gives out herald capes with the Falador crest. He is located at the fountain between the Party Room and the Artisan's Workshop in eastern Falador. The herald helps players to customise the design of their herald capes. Some of the design options have to be unlocked by completing quests or tasks. The herald can also change capes that represent Lumbridge or Varrock to represent Falador instead, though this resets any previous customisation of the cape.


  • "Falador, the indestructible city!"
  • "Falador capes...99% backstab proof!"
  • "May Falador be your sword on your travels!"
  • "Welcome to Falador...We'll try not to beat up you too badly."
  • "I think I am getting splinters."