A Heraldic helmet is a decorative Steel or Rune full helm. Players can paint them on a Pluming stand, Shield easel, or Banner easel in a Player-owned house if they have level 38 Crafting or higher and have been assigned a crest by Sir Renitee in the White Knights' Castle. Sir Renitee will not assign a crest unless the player has over level 16 Construction. A player's first crest assignment is free, and it costs 5k to change your crest to another one, however some crests have other requirements, detailed below. Players can use a Pluming stand in another player's house if they do not have one in theirs. The helmets have exactly the same stats as their Steel or Rune counterparts. They are untradeable and the paint cannot be removed.

Note: The Saradomin and Zamorak heraldic helmets will NOT offer protection in the God Wars Dungeon as they are made by the player, not blessed or 'recognised' by the gods.

Crest Name Requirements Image
Arrav Shield of Arrav File:Herald arrav helm.png
Asgarnia None File:Herald asgarnia helm.png
Dorgeshuun The Lost Tribe File:Herald dorgeshuun helm.png
Dragon Dragon slayer File:Herald dragon helm.png
Fairy Lost City File:Herald fairy helm.png
Guthix 70+ Prayer File:Herald guthix helm.png
H.A.M. None File:Herald HAM helm.png
Horse Toy horsey in inventory File:Herald horse helm.png
Jogre None File:Herald jogre helm.png
Kandarin None File:Herald kandarin helm.png
Misthalin None File:Herald misthalin helm.png
Money Cost 500,000 coins File:Herald money helm.png
Saradomin 70+ Prayer File:Herald saradomin helm.png
Skull Skulled while talking to sir Renitee File:Herald Skull helm.png
Varrock None File:Herald varrock helm.png
Zamorak 70+ Prayer File:Herald zamorak helm.png



  • Interestingly (and to some: frustratingly), the Guthix, Saradomin and Zamorak Painted heraldic Helmets, Kiteshields, and Banners do not correspond with the Full Rune armour sets that can be retrieved from Treasure Trails. They do however, seem to match the God Capes from the Mage Arena.
  • Since there are now Full Helmets and Kiteshields (that do not always fit with an existing armour type), it's more than reasonable to expect full sets of heraldic (melee) armour to be designed - or already in the process.
  • You can look almost exactly like a Black Knight by wearing the Zamorak Heraldic helm and full black, with no shield and a black longsword, although it is recommended that you also add Mime boots and a pair of Gloves (Black, from Recipe For Disaster).
  • The "Money" painted helm seems to resemble a gold trimmed Bronze full helmet, which is interesting because Bronze is the cheapest melee armour there is, while "Money" would suggest otherwise.
  • The Varrock helm possesses a similar appearance and equal stats (if a rune full helm is used) to the Gilded full helmet, but with a far lower price.
  • The examine information of the Horse heraldic helmet is in reference to a running gag in RuneScape in which horses are said not to exist. This gag started with the 2004 April Fools event.

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