Herbicide detail
Herbicide interface

The interface that players can use to choose the herbs that are destroyed when obtained as drops.

Herbicide is a Dungeoneering reward purchased from the Rewards trader, or as a reward from the Farmers' Market of the player-owned farm. This item requires level 21 Herblore, level 21 Dungeoneering and 34,000 Dungeoneering tokens to buy. Due to the token requirement, however, the player actually needs at least level 62 Dungeoneering to purchase the herbicide (unless tokens are gained from Sinkholes or as a Treasure Hunter reward).

This item automatically erodes grimy herbs from monster drops and gives the player double the experience that would have been received from cleaning the herb; it destroys herb drops in exchange for double experience. There are a few restrictions to this effect:

  • The herbicide must be in the player's inventory, pocket slot or tool belt for it to work.
  • The herbicide will only erode herbs that the player has the Herblore level to clean.
  • The herbicide will never erode noted herb drops.
  • This item only destroys player-selected herbs chosen through the herbicide's "Inspect" option.

Also under the "Inspect" option, the player can hover the mouse over the name of a herb to see the current market price for that herb.

The Farmers' Market sells an upgrade, herb hoarder, which automatically picks up all herbs which are not destroyed.

This item does not stack in the bank. Buying two herbicides to reserve the bank spot does not work. However, each one can have its own, unique settings.

The herbicide can be added to tool belt after purchasing the ability for 500 slayer points from any slayer master.

On death, this item will be dropped under your gravestone, and you will have to pick it up manually rather than picking it up via the gravestone. It is unknown whether this is a glitch. If you die in the Wilderness with this item, you will be able to retrieve it if you return to where you died.

Combat Stats
NonePocket slotDefenceArmour0
ConstitutionLife points0
Damage--Damage reduction
Accuracy--PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
Style-Style bonuses


Like the seedicide, the herbicide trades "proper" training for combat-based simplicity. Herblore experience is awarded after killing a monster that has dropped a herb, much like Slayer experience. One benefit that the herbicide provides is that the player has precise control over what is and is not to be eroded (leaving the valuable herbs intact while destroying the herbs that would have been otherwise ignored, for example).

On the other hand, the Herbicide is also very situational. Herbs are hard to come by, almost requiring the player to engage certain monsters to make full use of the herbicide. In addition, there are no items that directly synergise with the Herbicide's erosion (other than the botanist's outfit).

Ultimately, the herbicide's worth is to be decided by the player. The greatest advantage the herbicide provides is the opportunity to train combat skills and Herblore simultaneously; training with the Herbicide is by no means faster or a replacement for "proper" training. However, almost every high levelled combat or slayer monster has been changed to drop noted herbs instead of unnoted. This made the herbicide a lot less effective to use. However if a player has high Dungeoneering and Slayer levels they probably have an abundance of both Dungeoneering tokens to buy the herbicide, and the Slayer reward points to put the herbicide in the tool belt, which eliminates the need for an inventory spot to have the herbicide in.

Suggested monsters

Affected herbs

Herb image
and name
Herblore Level
Herblore XP
Grand Exchange
Coins 1000 Prices
Grimy guam
1[1] 5 709 -141.8
Grimy marrentill
5[1] 7.6 2,307 -329.57
Grimy tarromin
11[1] 10 105 -10.5
Grimy harralander
20[1] 12.6 741 -58.81
Grimy ranarr
25 15 1,860 -124
Grimy toadflax
30 16 11,250 -703.13
Grimy spirit weed
Spirit weed
35 15.6 16,575 -1,062.5
Grimy irit
40 17.6 5,008 -284.55
Grimy wergali
41 19 2,701 -142.16
Grimy avantoe
48 20 1,043 -52.15
Grimy kwuarm
54 22.6 11,782 -521.33
Grimy snapdragon
59 23.6 1,789 -75.81
Grimy cadantine
65 25 4,322 -172.88
Grimy lantadyme
67 26.2 7,551 -288.21
Grimy dwarf weed
Dwarf weed
70 27.6 8,476 -307.1
Grimy torstol
75 30 5,389 -179.63
Grimy fellstalk
91 33.6 6,860 -204.17
  1. ^ a b c d The level requirements for cleaning these herbs are irrelevant because they are less than 21, the herbicide's requirement. Any player using the herbicide is always able to affect these herbs, bar the unusual circumstance of decreased Herblore levels.

Store locations

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Seller Location Cost Currency Base stock Members?
MarmarosDaemonheim34,000Dungeoneering tokensNo
WythienPrifddinas34,000Dungeoneering tokensYes


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