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Hero items are items which are associated with iconic characters in Gielinor's history. The items are extremely rare and require a specific set of conditions unique to each item to be met for a player to roll a chance to obtain one.

There are currently three obtainable hero items and each hero item has a unique effect on different aspects of gameplay related to the item and how it is obtained.

Name Source Effect
Hazelmere's signet ring.png Hazelmere's signet ring Rare drop table A small chance to double any drop (does not work on drops obtained via interfaces)
Orlando Smith's hat.png Orlando Smith's hat Reward casket (master) A small chance for treasure trail reward caskets to also grant a casket of the tier below the completed one as part of the reward( therefore does not work on easy treasure trails)
Tavia's fishing rod.png Tavia's fishing rod Unknown A small chance of granting all deep sea fishing boosts for 10 minutes to the player using it and for 2 minutes to all surrounding players