Heroes' Guild banner

The Heroes' Guild is located between Taverley and Burthorpe. The guild is only accessible to members who have completed the Heroes' Quest. The dragon mace and dragon battleaxe and their off-hand counterparts can be bought here, and amulets of glory and rings of wealth can be recharged in the Fountain of Heroes in the dungeon beneath the guild.


The Heroes' Guild is to the north of Taverley and to the south of Burthorpe. Several quick means of transportation are available:


Ground floor

The ground floor has statues of the heroes Arrav and Camorra.

Heroes ground

Ground floor of the Heroes' guild.

First floor

The first floor has an altar dedicated to Saradomin, where players can recharge their Prayer points.

Happy Heroes' H'emporium

Helemos owns the Happy Heroes' H'emporium shop on this floor. He sells the main-hand and off-hand dragon battleaxe for 200,000 coins each and the main-hand and off-hand dragon mace for 50,000 coins each.

However, the weapons are significantly cheaper on the Grand Exchange.

Second floor

Signature heroes at heroes guild

The Signature Heroes.

The second floor of the Heroes' Guild has a table with six chairs around it, which three of the Signature Heroes sit at and two stand around, and a pair of chests which may be searched. These do not yield items anymore; however, they used to give trivial items such as pots and broken glass. The only signature hero not present is The Raptor.


HeroesGuild dungeon

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The basement is a small dungeon. It has five giant bats, as well as a caged blue dragon that is safe training because of the safe spots for Magic, Ranged, and use of a halberd, although the existence of only one spawn means kills are not as quick as other areas.

The basement also contains several mining rocks, a small obelisk and the fountain of heroes.

Heroes' Guild Mine

Heroes runite

Runite rocks.

The Heroes' Guild Mine is in the basement as well, with several rocks for higher-level Mining. These include:

These are all on the east side of the dungeon.

Fountain of Heroes

Fountain of Heroes

The fountain of heroes

The Fountain of Heroes is in a small alcove near the runite ore rocks. The fountain used to be located on the ground floor where the statues are now, but it was moved when the Burthorpe Games Room and its associated teleport with the games necklace made its debut. The fountain can be used to recharge all amulets of glory and rings of wealth equipped or in the inventory.

Known members

The following NPCs are known members of the guild, confirmed either through conversation and/or being sighted inside.

The player also becomes a member of the guild, after Heroes' Quest.


  • Xenia claims to have contacts within the Heroes' Guild who have informed her of other members of the guild, namely the player.
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