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  • 16 December
    • The game now shows a more informative message when operating a dragonstone jewellery with zero charges.
    • When you see cutscenes you can't change the view by pressing on the arrows, you'll have to wait until the cutscene is over.
  • 9 December
    • Disciple of the Devourer is renamed Lapalok.
    • The walking boundaries of Tormented Demons is changed, making the area considerably more dangerous, considering it is now more likely multiple demons would attack the player.
    • The room above the Edgeville General Store is changed.
    • The layout of the Equipment Stats screen is changed.
  • 4 December
    • If a player's life points falls below 25%, the sound effect of a heartbeat is heard.
  • Unknown date
    • The Lumbridge General store had 2 doors. Note: If you open the door to the east from the inside it won't work.
    • Most curse words have been blocked on the French servers, of which were originally uncensored.
    • The water of the fountain at Varrock Square is reworked. The water is now more blue and shiny and some animated ripples were added on the water.
    • The Corporeal Beast lair is changed. One of the noticeable changes is that there's a peek option at the entrance of the area.



  • 31 October
    • When doing the Trick emote, a player's weapon and shield no longer appears.
  • 28 October
    • The banner at the top of the RuneScape website changes between day and night settings at specific times of the day.
    • The once slippery stairs in the Ancient Cavern now allows access to a new room with three metallic dragon heads and 10 anvils, also the mithril door can now be tried to be opened but the player will be pushed out again before entering. (The area with the metallic dragon heads is now confirmed as the Dragon forge as of the release of the While Guthix Sleeps quest.)
    • An Armadyl messenger appears and delivers the player urgent information in an Armadyl communiqué.
    • When standing, the character's right leg is placed slightly forward, just like before the graphical update.
    • Monsters hit sound effects are changed on specific NPCs. (i.e. Grizzly bear, Unicorn, etc.)
    • Cooking action animations are changed.
    • There is a huge gap in the Emotes interface under the Trick emote. (This gap has been replaced with a new emote.)
  • 21 October
  • 17 October
    • The word "level" is changed from white to green, yellow, orange, or red depending on the Combat level of the player.
  • 16 October
    • Right-click options where "lvl-" could be seen, are replaced with "lvl:".
  • 15 October



  • 19 August
    • The run energy meter on the left of the minimap is made so that it can be toggled "On" or "Off" by clicking on the icon. It turns a bright yellow/gold colour when toggled "On". In addition, the following were mentioned on the forums by Mod Osborne, in reference to The Great Orb Project:
    • Players are now able to sign up for the activity with any of the wizard apprentices.
    • Players can now sign up to whichever team currently has the least players.
    • If a game lacks enough players, it will instantly finish.
    • Reward tokens are given whether players win, lose, or draw, based upon how well they've done.
    • A number of useful phrases has been added to Quick Chat for this activity.
  • 8 August
    • The detail choices of RuneScape and RuneScape High Detail switches in size, so that the old version of RuneScape has the larger sized box than RuneScape HD.
  • Unknown date
    • The Tzhaar-ket-om (Obsidian maul) and Dharok's greataxe are updated so that they are held on the shoulder again.
    • Restoring the life points, Prayer, and Energy to full when players brought an offending item, entered the wrong crater, or entered in a different world in Bounty Hunter is fixed. To restore the levels, players must enter the crater suitable for their level.
    • Almost every emote with a glitch are fixed, including the infamous Bounty Hunter Skull glitch.


  • 14 July
    • Dying and "getting hit" sound effects is updated for human NPCs.


  • 25 June
    • A (-/+) option is added above the categories dividing the official forums. (-) to hide the category of that forum, and (+) to show it.
  • 5 June
    • The word "dwelling" in the examine info for the Swamp Titan is changed to the more appropriate "duelling."