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  • 23 December
    • The first RuneScape Newsletter, named RuneScape Courier, has been sent to players who have confirmed their e-mail address.
  • 21 December
    • Nomad received a graphical update.
    • All imp chatheads (snow and fire) received a graphical update.
    • Zimberfizz in Soul Wars now has the same options as Nomad does.
  • 15 December
  • 8 December
    • The welcome screen (initial page for first-timers) now displays a random tip.
  • 5 December
  • 3 December
    • The Home Page was updated so that the player counter was changed from a number such as 123456 to 123,456.
    • The in-game font is changed.
    • A new fairy ring is introduced to the Ancient Cavern.
    • Typing Alt + 0151 no longer creates the 0-pixel character. It is now replaced with a dash (-). This makes it impossible to type in capital letters by placing this character between characters in words. The different floating style Easter egg with Wave2: is also impossible to be done.
    • Donie has been added back to Lumbridge.
    • Kuradal, a Slayer Master, now appears randomly in Slayer locations.







  • 16 June
    • Female characters resting sit with their legs straight out instead of crossed.
  • 14 June
    • Hit Splats are less transparent, and more visible.
  • 11 June
    • Players can no longer light fires in the Party Room; they will receive the message, "Lighting a fire in the party room would be a safety hazard!".
  • 9 June
  • 2 June
  • Unknown date
    • The health bar no longer changes shades.
    • The climb up/climb down options on the rope bridge short-cut through the Mort Myre Swamp have been replaced with one "Climb" option, and you no longer have to click on every square to move past it, as it is now done by itself.


  • 27 May
    • The picture of the flag on the minimap is changed.
    • The globe-picture under the minimap is changed.
    • A new option was added to the key to the world map to rearrange icons.
    • Trollheim is no longer a hotzone on PvP worlds.
    • The Lumbridge Guide has received a makeover, and his position has been moved.
    • Submarines are peeking out of the water along the coast of various places.
  • 19 May
  • 6 May
  • Unknown date
    • The sound is different when the leprechaun magic is banking your logs.



  • 25 March
    • The run button close to the minimap has a new look.
    • An option to rest has been added to the run option near the minimap. When using this a message stating "Coming Soon..." appears in the textbox.
    • Giant rats received a graphical update.
  • 17 March
    • The Dharok's greataxe received yet another update, and is held just like the Tzhaar-ket-om, where 2 hands hold it instead of being held straight in the air.
  • 3 March
    • The Tzhaar-ket-om is once again changed to now be held with two hands, versus the standard one while it sits on the player's shoulder. The Dharok's greataxe is now held straight up in the air; before, the greataxe was held on the shoulder.
    • The Protection Prayers will randomly make a sound when they block an attack.
  • 1 March: The Grand Exchange Beta Page updated images to correctly respond to the newly graphical version in-game. Images include those such as the Dragon platebody.



  • 27 January
    • Rubber chickens are updated to abide with the new graphics engine.
    • Changed different text messages for some treasure clues through RuneScape.
    • [Check date] Along with the World Map upgrade (You are here), a new zoom level is introduced (200%). Upon the day of release, this map had a bug that caused icons to stay small when zooming in further, which caused much chaos.
  • 26 January [check date]: The Farming skill guide interface is changed to show the protection price of crops when clicked on.
  • 20 January: The collection interface of Kingdom Management was changed.
  • 16 January: The hidden update from 13 January was reversed, you can now drop members items on free-to-play worlds again.
  • 15 January: Now, when talking in private chat, you can right click something you've written to message the other player, while as previously you could only click the friends message.
  • 13 January: While playing on a Free-to-play server, the "drop" option for Member's items in a player's inventory has been removed.
  • 6 January
    • Flatpacked furniture was removed from Treasure Trails rewards for all levels (Need verification-From Treasure Trails page).
    • A few hours after the release of the phoenix familiar the create experience for making the pouch was lowered from 614 to 301.8.
  • 5 January
    • In the Grab the Evil Twin random event the twin OR the innocent civilian will say "You're putting me in prison?!" when you grab her.
    • Ectophial teleport changed to look like normal teleports, but a slimy green colour instead of the normal blue teleport colour.
    • Ectophial's "drop" option was replaced with a "destroy" option.