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  • 25 August
    • The character creation screen is improved.
    • The font for the XP counter has changed.
    • The XP ribbon that would appear while the XP Counter is open will now pause at the end of its descent before disappearing.
    • Pest Points are renamed Commendation Points and the Void Knight reward shop received a graphical update.
  • 19 August
  • 10 August
    • The jungle area of Musa Point received a minor graphics update.
    • The loading process GUI (loading bar) in RuneScape is changed and now loads more smoothly.
  • 4 August
    • Completing a clue scroll now shows up on the Adventurer's Log.
    • Opening and closing chests or drawers will now cause a short animation to play.
    • Some individuals in Sinclair Mansion now have fixed positions, rather than wandering.
    • All colours of firelighters are now made tradeable in the Grand Exchange.
    • The graphics for certain coloured fires are updated.
  • Unknown date:
    • Mushrooms near the Digsite receive a graphical update.
    • Members becoming free players can no longer use 5 slots in the Grand Exchange using a trick.


  • 19 July
    • Inventory icons for planks have been updated.
    • Changes are made to the Grand Exchange caps of most seeds from 1000 to 100 per four hours, except for allotment seeds which are reduced from 5,000 to 500 per four hours.
    • The Red Chinchompas' explode animation received a graphical update.
  • 12 July
    • The browser header for all webpages is changed back to "RuneScape - The Number 1 Free Multiplayer Game".
  • 5 July
    • The sounds of glassblowing are updated to simulate Vuvuzelas, which had become renowned for their extremely irritating sound. This was temporary, in honour of the World Cup and was reverted on 19 July as stated in the patch notes.
    • The idle animations of demons are improved.
    • A Redberry bush is added near the Draynor Village pig pen.
    • You can now no longer dismiss your summoned familiar when attacked by another player.
    • Several Dutch swear words were added to the censor.
  • Unknown Date:
    • House portal animations are tweened.
    • Greegree's wield animations are updated.



  • 27 May
    • The examine for the Catalytic staff has been changed to "Makes destructive spells more powerful."
    • The way a player holds banners is changed.
    • Bandages '+' sign changed from red to green in Fist of Guthix.
    • Particle effects are introduced to the Varrock fountain in the main square.
  • 25 May
  • 19 May
    • The browser header of the main page was changed to RuneScape - MMORPG - The No.1 Free Online Multiplayer Game.
    • You can now talk in the clan chat without typing the / symbol if you click on 'clan' down the chatbox.
  • 13 May
    • The way a player holds magical staves is changed.
  • 1 May
    • The way a player holds swords, bows, daggers, pickaxes and hatchets is changed.
    • The animation of searching crates is improved.
    • Door opening and ladder climbing sounds in the Gnome Stronghold are improved.
  • Unknown date
    • Particle effects are introduced to the Mort Myre Swamp.
    • The message "I can't reach that" is changed to "You can't reach that."
    • A loading screen with "Loading - Please wait" (along with a yellow dot spinning between circles) has been added for whilst logging in from the RuneScape lobby.



  • 24 March
    • The in-game account creation process and tutorial is changed.
    • The dungeon used for the Unstable Foundations quest is changed.
  • 23 March
    • The in-game login page now shows an "Abort Login" option under the timer when you switch worlds.
    • A "Hide Done" option is available in the quest tab.
    • The line above your name in the chat box is now silver/grey.
  • 3 March
    • Cockatrice attack animations are now tweened.
    • Finnish swear words are censored.
  • Unknown date
    • Port Sarim receive a graphical update. One floor square in every building has a different dark shading.


  • 22 February
  • 8 February
    • The option to play a music track that you have not unlocked has been removed.
    • The option to loop a music track was removed.
  • 1 February
    • The browser header for all pages was also changed to RuneScape - The Number 1 Free Multiplayer Game
    • The animation for a fairy's wings have been improved for when it's moving around.
    • The RuneScape official forums button Up to RuneScape was changed back to the way it was before.
    • The Explorer's ring would now have a caution message when using low-alchemy on an item.


  • 31 January
  • 28 January
    • The browser header for the RuneScape Forums changed from RuneScape - the massive online adventure game by Jagex Games Studio to RuneScape - The Number 1 Free Multiplayer Game.
    • RuneScape official forums button Up to (the current subforum you're in) was changed to Up to RuneScape.
  • 17 January
    • The music that plays when a player dies now plays while the player is dying rather than when they respawn.
  • 10 January
    • The gnome farmer interface was changed slightly.
  • 8 January
    • The animation for opening and closing drawers has been changed to a more fluid one.
    • The death animation for a Dagannoth has been improved.
  • Unknown date
    • Catch rate for Wily cats are reduced slightly.