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  • 28 November
    • Void Knight equipment has had its defensive bonuses reduced to be equivalent to level 30 armour. Elite Void Knight equipment has additionally had its prayer bonuses reduced from +4 per piece to +2.
    • The dramen staff has been changed to have its original appearance.
    • The blue and red Soul Wars capes from Nomad's Requiem and the minigame itself have had their prayer bonuses halved.
    • The Skeletal Horde boss from Dungeoneering no longer gives experience.
  • 20 November
    • The cave entrance at Trollheim to reach the herblore patch has been graphically tweaked in style of the Troll Warzone.
    • The Report Abuse screen has been updated, along with this, the screen for skilling (Fletching, Cooking, etc.) has been updated.
    • The ancient staff, croziers, and Armadyl battlestaff have been graphically updated.
    • The inventory icon for magic secateurs has been tweaked to more closely match the model.
    • The animation for mining has been updated to stop pickaxes from twisting around in a player's hands when mining a Shooting Star.
    • The mercenaries north of Falador have been removed.
    • The Orb of Oculus has a new mode: Flying mode.
    • The Troll Warzone tutorial's opening portion has been updated, with a new cinematic and new voice acting for the baby troll.
    • Emotes were tweeked to take advantage of the new player kit and idle animation.
  • 14 November
  • 6 November
    • Spirit trees are now animated.
    • The image on the Noticeboard tab that is shown when you have no task has changed.




  • 28 August
    • Kebbits have been graphically updated.
  • 24 August
    • A message now appears when you sign in telling you when your Squeal of Fortune spins reset.
    • A border has been added to the x at the top right of the interfaces with the new design (such as the Equipment Bonuses)
  • 17 August
    • All game updates released up to the Summer of Squeal update are now available in the Evolution of Combat Beta.
    • The "Collect-bank" option for the Head Guard at citadel has been changed to "Collect". The ability to collect Avatar Handbooks from him was also added.
    • Grizzly bears have been given a minor graphical update.
  • 14 August
  • 9 August
    • On the homepage the 'Forum' header has had a drop down box added to it with a few of the main sections in the Forums.
  • 7 August
    • A discount for the Deep-Sea Fishing animation and the Gravedigger emote has been added.
    • The boogie bow can now be reclaimed from Diango.
  • 1 August
    • Glowing buttons have been added to show you that you unlocked new customisation options in Solomon's General Store or that you have unlocked new emotes.
    • Some mouse cursors have been graphically updated.
    • Shark fists 1, 2, 3 and 4 have been added to the Attack skill guide.
    • The Armadyl battlestaff is now wielded with the same animation as other staves.


  • 24 July
  • 17 July
    • The chaotic longsword, chaotic staff, and enhanced excalibur's idle animations is updated to match that of other longswords. It is now held further out from the body.
    • New animations are added for using member weapons in free-to-play worlds, instead of punching/kicking and the weapon dissapearing, most weapons now have a unique animation. For example, when attacking with a godsword in a F2P world, the player will hit the enemy with the hilt of the sword.
  • 11 July
    • 'Home', 'Support', 'Forums', and 'Clans' buttons have been built into the game itself.
    • The POH's workbench interface has been updated.
    • The sky lighting at Varrock city centre has been changed back to what it was before 1 June 2011.
    • All Dungeoneering music tracks have been updated to remove the quiet pause at the beginning of each.


  • 26 June
    • Health bars now fade out after combat instead of disappearing.
  • 22 June
    • Golden katana have been distributed to a number of players for reasons unknown.
  • 19 June
    • Option selection interfaces have been graphically updated. (For selecting what to craft, crafting logs, making potions, etc..)
    • Pointing arrows have been graphically updated and no longer flicker. (arrows that appear above caught kebbits with falconry, minigame targets, etc.)
  • 13 June
    • It is now possible to get a free spin on the Squeal of Fortune by watching an ad.
    • A forced teleport, allowing one to smuggle stances, has been fixed.
    • A graphical glitch with the fishing waders has been fixed.
  • Date unclear
    • Video adverts were added to the free version, even though Mod MMG had previously acknowledged they were annoying.





  • 28 February
    • Grim Reaper as the Death tutor has received a voice.
    • The Audio Options menu has been graphically updated.
    • When logging into the lobby, the screen has been adjusted to fade in from black.
    • Xuan now says something different when handing you your rewards book.
  • 21 February
  • 4 February
    • The play button on the RuneScape website was updated.
    • Three more tasks have been added to Burthorpe/Taverley set. These are Bank On It, Mind Out Of Matter and Walking In The Air Altar.
  • 3 February


  • 31 January
    • The Equipment stats interface has been graphically updated.
    • Runecrafting altars are now marked on the world and mini map.
    • The left and right-click symbol animations has been changed.
    • All med helms have been renamed to helms.
    • A maximum of 1 million dungeoneering tokens can only be traded for experience now.
    • The Tool leprechaun's tool interface has received a small graphical update.
    • Item names in inventory and in right-click context menu now have different colours according to their class.
    • The XP-pop up has been updated, the counter will track together with the amount of Xp now.
    • The interface when checking Jadinko requirements with Astlayrix has changed slightly.
    • Drinking potions, waterskins and praying sounds have been updated.
    • (Mountain) Trolls have received another graphical update.
    • Spirit shards can no longer be sold to Dodgy Derek's Dirty Deals.
    • The animation when running with bows has been changed.
    • You can no longer do anything while setting up a Hunter trap.