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  • 27 May
    • The interface for choosing a skill on experience-giving items has been updated, and you can now use up multiple at once.
    • The confirmation message when using a skill-specific lamp from Treasure Hunter now appears as an interface.
  • 19 May
  • 12 May
    • Character shadows have been smoothed.
    • The icon for an empty slot on the action bar has been changed.
    • Gradients have been added to all the small square buttons in every interface.
    • The Lodestone Network interface has been updated:
      • The map was updated, showing a more accurate depiction of Gielinor.
      • The borders around each kingdom were altered to make them more accurate, with brighter colours.
    • The arrow pointing at markers on the minimap has been graphically updated.
    • A number of changes have been made to Lumbridge
    • Off-hand rubber chickens can be obtained by killing chickens.
    • There's now a message that displays "Become a member to hide ads" when logged in as F2P underneath the advert.
  • 7 May
    • Bank presets have been changed or reverted back to once again quickly grab items which players typically only have one of.
  • 6 May


  • 28 April
    • The compact Worn Equipment interface is changed to arrange the slots in a similar manner as the expanded version.
  • 22 April
    • Map icons have been resized on the minimap.
    • Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza games have been changed to take place on an instance server, grouping together people in waiting areas of different worlds.
  • 14 April
    • A new warning message for inappropriate behaviour has been added to the game.
    • Text in interfaces and chat are now anti-aliased even in safe mode.
    • Chat font has been tweaked slightly.
  • 9 April
    • The Slayer Masks' ability to bring a cannon into Kuradal's Dungeon when a player was on a task in there has been removed.
  • 7 April
    • The cursor used when hovering over your player on the equipment interface has been updated.
  • 1 April
    • The Sailing skill was added to the Hero tab, as part of April Fools' Day.



  • 24 February
    • Sacred metal fragments and cosmetic override components from both world events, along with the drinks from the first, have been removed from the game.
    • Two new Seasonal HiScores along with their respective titles have been added.
    • The camera angle during and after a cutscene/taunt during a Dominion Tower match has been changed for the Old School Interface layout.
    • The shark fists inventory icons have been updated.
  • 17 February
    • The message for valentine love notes regarding the 160 collection limit has been removed.
    • The animation for running with a cape equipped has been altered slightly.
    • Dialogue box backgrounds have been centred once more.
    • Trees have been added to the islands near Catherby.
    • The charm drop rate of deadly red spiders has been changed slightly.
  • 4 February
    • Various items such as big bones, the elemental runes and other lower level resources have had additional skill information appended to their examine texts.
    • Magic notepaper has been made tradeable.
    • Clue scrolls that provide anagram clues have had their examine text changed to "It points to great treasure!"
    • Two new emotes have been added to the emote list: "Loved Up" and "Down to Earth". Both say that they are unlocked with "Valentine love notes" collected around Valentine's Day.
  • 3 February
    • The 30-second wait to switch worlds from the lobby (i.e. not using quick-hop) has been removed.[1]
    • The Premier Club popup has had its "Join" button re-implemented.