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Hieronymus Avlafrim was a gnome, formerly located at the gnomecopter tours, north of Lumbridge. His assumed brother, Gnormadium Avlafrim, is a gnome glider pilot.

Avlafrim and his partner, Sasquine Huburns, were responsible for inventing the gnomecopter and fusing the design for gnome gliders and magic carpets. To accomplish this, he had to steal a magic carpet from entrepreneur Ali Morrisane, who has recently been involved in a rivalry with Gnome Air. He also was the general store owner for the gnomecopter area.

Gnomecopter Tours

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Hieronymus owned five gnomecopters that took non-members to members-only locations. Players had to speak to him before they could use the gnomecopters for the first time. After they talked to him, it was possible to get the free tickets from Sasquine Huburns and ride the gnomecopters. The tours have since been removed and replaced by the non-player characters Beefy Bill and Farquie the Cleaner. When you speak to Farquie the Cleaner he will tell you that Hieronymus Avlafrim and Sasquine Huburns closed the gnomecopter tours because they were getting married and decided to retire.

The locations of the tour were:

Gnomic Supplies

Gnomic Supplies

Item Price
Empty pot 1 coin
Bucket of water 9 coins
Jug of water 1 coin
Pie dish 4 coins
Cake tin 15 coins
Tinderbox 1 coin
Shears 1 coin
Redberries 4 coins
Spinach roll 1 coin
Chef's hat 3 coins
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