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Bighead[1] was the high priest of the goblins of the Goblin Temple who follow the Big High War God. He tested a player's knowledge of goblin religion during the Land of the Goblins quest. He could also be talked to and would explain some of the goblin's religion.

Only the High Priest is allowed, along with the emissary of Bandos, to use the real name of Bandos, and only in special conditions. The rest of the time, he calls him the Big High War God, as the rest of the goblins.

He plays a major role in The Chosen Commander, in which he participates in the Assault on Sigmund's Base led by a possessed Zanik. After fighting and killing H.A.M. agent Daniel, he picks up Bandos's pendant and thus becomes Bandos's avatar, and gets killed. He is subsequently replaced by a new high priest.[2]



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