Historian Minas chathead

Historian Seth Minas is a Varrock Museum employee and can be found on the 1st2nd floor[UK], near the staircase. When you talk to him about the quests you have completed, you earn Kudos and fill some of the empty exhibits.

Minas will also happily take any ancient effigies off you in exchange for an antique lamp that gives 5,000 XP in any skill over 50. He also rewards the player with an antique lamp worth 10,000 XP in any skill over level 50, if they have earned all possible Kudos from quest information.

Quest list

After completion of certain quests, you can go to Minas and give him information about them. He will, in turn for the information, give you Kudos and antique lamps (after certain amount of kudos has been earned from him). Kudos can be used for XP rewards and, in the future, will allow you to pass freely between the Digsite and the island north of it.

Free quests

Members quests

In total, you can earn 100 Kudos from Minas.


  • When you donate an ancient effigy and are rewarded an antique lamp, the dialogue between the player and Historian Minas is a reference to the last lines from the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. The dialogue is as follows: Historian Minas: "The museum thanks you for your donation. We'll have our top men look into this right away!" Player: "Who?" Historian Minas: "Top...Men..."
  • If you use Magnifying glass on display number 27 (The Layers of Archaeology Soil Layers) Minas will tell the player "Please don't touch the timeline displays" on free-to-play worlds, even though he's a members NPC.
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