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This article is about the item used to bless spirit shields. For the ranged weapon, see holy water.
Holy elixir detail

The holy elixir is required by players to bless a spirit shield, making it a blessed spirit shield. It can be done by a player with level 85 Prayer. Alternatively, Brother Jered will charge the player 1 million coins to bless it if they do not meet the requirements. It is a rare drop from the Corporeal Beast from the Summer's End quest and an even rarer drop from the tormented wraith.

After the shield is blessed, sigils can be attached to the blessed shield to turn it into an enhanced version of the spirit shield. The four sigils - arcane, divine, elysian, and spectral - will turn the blessed shield into their respective spirit shields.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Corporeal Beast7851Rare
Tormented wraith421Very rare


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