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A holy mould allows a player to make Unstrung holy symbol through the Crafting skill, granting 50 experience. To make it, one needs to use a silver bar on a furnace, while having the mould in your inventory. This requires level 16 crafting. A holy mould can also be stored on the tool belt.

The Unstrung holy symbol can be transformed into a holy symbol by using a ball of wool on it, granting 4 experience.

You can buy a holy mould from any of the various crafting shops or from Urist Loric after From Tiny Acorns caper from the Thieves' Guild. One also respawns in the Crafting Guild. Holy moulds can also be obtained from level 4 or 5 tool stores in a Player-owned house workshop.

Making an Unstrung holy symbol in the Lumbridge furnace is one requirement of the medium part of the Lumbridge's Tasks.

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